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5 Recommended Netflix Shows That Any Marketers Should Binge-Watch!

With a variety of new movies, documentaries, and television series coming each month on Netflix, your next binge session may actually be teaching you on the newest and best abilities.


There are a lot of entertaining movies about business and marketing on Netflix that are also jam-packed with marketing knowledge!


We’ll include our best marketing movies, TV series, and documentaries in this article that we think every marketer (and entrepreneurs) should see.

1. The Mind : Explained


The Mind : Explained - Poster Netflix

Photo by : Netflix


The Mind : Explained TV Series narrated by Emma Stones comes from Vox Media the news and opinion website where they address your most pressing concerns about memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness, and psychedelics.



Why is it important for marketers?


In Season 1 Episode 1 : Memory, they investigate the science of memory. It addresses an important issue right from the start.


In the episode, they also talk about Neuromarketing, a term that means combining marketing and psychology to better understand customers.


This also will broaden your understanding of neuromarketing, allowing you to enter the minds of your core audience members.


For now the season 2 of The Mind : Explained is available on Netflix and you can also check the first full episode 1 Memory : Explained, Season 1 on Youtube!


Memory : Explained - Poster - Netflix

Photo by Vox Youtube


2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi


Jiro Dream of Sushi - Movie Poster - Netflix

Photo by Amazon


This Japanese Documentary focused on the stories about Jiro Ono, a sushi chef in his eighties, who owns the only sushi restaurant that holds three Michelin stars.


Whereas, the restaurant is located on Tokyo – Ginza Metro Station and It only has seating for 10 guests who must reserve a month in advance to enjoy the delicacies prepared in front of their eyes by the renowned sushi master.


Why is it important for Marketers?


Now you might be wondering why a documentary about a sushi chef that offers a meal costs US$300–there are no other appetizers available.


Particularly you must make a reservation about a month in advance to get a seat and it’s located on the metro station should be watched by any Marketers?


Here’s the reason why : The owner Jiro Ono creates an unforgettable customer experience to enjoy at the restaurant.


While the flavor is important in convincing customers to pay $300 per plate, the experience is what closes the deal.


When the customers are seated down, Chef Jiro then plates each of the 20 pieces of sushi one by one before placing them in front of the customer.


Later, he spends time with each customer and is concerned with the delivery of his product, sushi.


To summarize, customers leave the restaurant talking about the experience rather than the sushi.


As marketers, this prompts the question:


  • What kind of experience are you offering your customers?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Are you creating a personal experience for each of your customers?
  • Is your brand worth raving about?


It will be up to any Marketers to respond to these questions.


3. Inside Bill’s Brain – Decoding Bill Gates


Inside Bill's Brain - Poster - Netflix

Photo by : Netflix


This series reflects on Bill Gates leading-edge work with software and founding the biggest private philanthropic foundation


Within this series, Bill Gates discusses his upbringing, business background, and commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the developing countries.


Which the stories are divided into the following:

  • Part 1 : Gates discusses his goal of providing the poor countries with improved sanitation. His sisters also recall him from their younger years.
  • Part 2 : Gates tells a story about his childhood friend and co-founder Paul Allen and other close connections with people along the route.
  • Part 3 : Gates describes his enthusiasm for finding ways to combat climate change.


Why is it important for Marketers?


Gates is enthusiastic, bright, and all attributes that every small company marketer or owner must possess.

After watching the series, you’ll feel more focused and determined to confront your company’s growth in the future.



4. FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened


FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened - Poster - Netflix

Photo by What’s New on Netflix


The story of a fearless businessman who presents the Fyre Event as a high-end music event hosted on a private island is told in a fantastic documentary for Netflix.


Now you might remember this disastrous event that occurs on the island of Bahamas with this single picture that is trending on social media in 2017.


Fyre Festival Disastrous Picture

Photo by @TrevorDeHaas on Twitter


The difference between what the organizers had promised and what was really delivered is beautifully illustrated by this photograph.


This business documentary serves as a warning to professionals everywhere: don’t sell something you can’t fulfill.


On the other hand, his staff is unprepared to deliver on the promises made in their marketing campaign.


Why is it important for Marketers?


Even though the event turned out to be a trainwreck, there are aspects of marketing brilliance that might serve as marketing inspiration for your own small business.


Take into account the influencer marketing strategy that caused a buying frenzy around an unanticipated occurrence.


Altogether, the campaign’s innovative approach of covering social networks, generating attention, and causing FOMO .


Even if it was obscenely expensive and ultimately unsuccessful, the result was undeniably noteworthy for any marketing strategy.


5. Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things


Minimalism - Poster - Netflix

Photo by Youtube


This newest documentary on netflix follows the lives of two closest friends, Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Milburn.


The duo who have sold most of their things and live as minimalists depicts their transition to a simple lifestyle.


The documentary does an excellent job of conveying a message that causes the audience to reflect on his or her own life.


In addition to that, the documentary illustrates both the obvious and less obvious benefits of changing one’s lifestyle.


Elements focuses on the analysis of consumer culture and the deception of social media in a way that those who are still living in 2021 may comprehend.


Why is it important for Marketers?


As marketers, we can question the notion that number quantity beats quality.


Consider how this idea may be used to marketing as we all know that having less clutter can help us focus.


For instance, this is the greatest method to connect with and reach your consumers. It is to create copywriting and design that is simple and clean for your audiences to understand your message.



Netflix has a treasure trove of content that you can use to gain a deeper understanding.


Incase of how content plays a big role in marketing initiatives for your company.


These documentaries will help you gain a deeper understanding on the role that content plays in marketing. As well as how it can be used to seduce your customers.


We hope you found this list of documentaries and shows helpful. To point out, there are so many to choose from, but these five should be a good starting point for marketers.


Especially for anyone who want to know more knowledge about marketing strategy. For example, marketers could also maximize their video production for video marketing initiatives.


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