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Getting to Know Guerilla Marketing

When you need to grow your product’s brand awareness, guerilla marketing might just be the right solution for you.


Depending whet you’ve heard about this strategy, you might think that it’s quite expensive to do. The surprising thing is, guerilla marketing relatively doesn’t require a lot of investment, and when conducted properly you can get a quite surprisingly positive result.


Intriguing isn’t it? Before we dive more into the topic, let’s get to know what exactly this strategy is all about.



What Is Guerilla Marketing

guerilla marketing


Guerilla marketing is a marketing strategy where a company or a brand does something surprising or unconventional to promote their products or services. It is a way to shock the audience with a your brand’s presence


With that being said, this strategy is different from the traditional tactics we might be more familiar with. Due to its very unconventional form of marketing, guerilla can easily increase brand awareness among large audiences without interrupting them.


You might wonder why guerilla marketing is considered to be a low-cost strategy despite its wide audience reach. This is possible because the strategy relies heavily on word-of-mouth, the scale of your strategy also doesn’t mean as much as your creativity and how you’re going to conduct your it.



One Size Does Not Fit All

what is guerilla marketing


When it comes down to it, there are a lot of strategies that can be categorized as guerilla marketing. See different kinds of the strategy below, and you might find some inspiration for your next marketing strategy


1. Ambient marketing


Ambient marketing is a way of promoting products or services using unusual locations or items. t should be creative and have a strong impact while interacting with the target audience, meaning that it should affect consumers on an emotional level while being somewhat interactive.



2. Ambush marketing


Ambush marketing is often done by bigger companies. This is the initial strategy that started to inspire other guerilla strategies. Ambush marketing usually appears in campaigns that does not have a direct affiliation with the company. In other words, the advertiser “ambushes” an event or advertising from another brands to compete for exposure against other advertisers.


One of the easy example is putting up a billboard right next to your competitor’s billboard.



3. Outdoor guerilla marketing


As the name suggests, this is a guerilla strategy that advertisers do in public space where the advertiser would put an eye-catching installation at an outdoor location.  The common practice of this strategy is putting a banner on a landmark, putting an art piece in the middle of the street, or painting a huge artwork on the crosswalk.



4. Indoor guerilla marketing


Indoor guerilla marketing is quite similar to its outdoor counterparts, however this strategy is done in an indoor space such as an office, a mall, or an airport.



5. Viral marketing


Krona have an article all about this. Viral marketing is a strategy that is known for its effectivity. The advertiser would use an object or a certain tagline that could generate an explosive popularity for your product or services.



Why Guerilla Marketing?


we have a little bit about the benefits of guerilla marketing above, however we compiled why you should consider doing this strategy if it fits your marketing goals:


  • Low operational cost
  • Powerful, could make a product known widely in a short amount of time
  • Effectively increase customer loyalty
  • Amplify word-of-mouth marketing
  • Direct feedback from audience
  • Memorable and impactful
  • Powerful, could make a product known widely in a short amount of time

Annisa Shafira About the author

Annisa is a Public Relations graduate from Universitas Padjadjaran and a self-proclaimed avid diarist. Her interest in writing sparked when she was a Journalist Intern in DetikCom, since then she has been passionately pouring her thoughts into writings.




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