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What Is Lead Generation and Why It Is Important

What Is Lead Generation and Why Is It Important?

Back in the days before the internet, lead generation once took place through the process of cold-calling and direct mail. Ads on print media like magazines made it easy for businesses to generate leads targeting specific audiences. 


However, social media began to change how brands generated leads revolutionizing customer personalisation. 


While mobile technology allows brands to reach prospects practically anywhere, the lack of a consistent process could kill your lead generation strategy. 


Here are some of the proven tips our strategists have curated through this article.



Understanding Lead and Lead Generation in Digital Marketing With a Simple Analogy

A lead is someone interested in what you are selling. That definition throws a wide net, so think of lead generation as guiding prospects from passively viewing your social media posts to following you and taking the initiative to share contact information.


Lead Generation

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On the other hand, lead generation is a marketing process of generating and capturing interest in a product or service. 


In the process of digital marketing, lead generation acquires prospects who may be interested and converts them into potential customers who are interested in your company’s offerings.


Jay Leonard, a cryptocurrency expert, used a simple analogy saying that the process of lead generation is like a fisherman trying to catch a fish. Then, what is the similarity between fishing and conducting a lead generation campaign?


Catching Sharks (Customers)


If you are  fishing for sharks, you will need various tools and resources like a good fishing rod, a big boat and some other people/friends to help.


When this concept is applied in the business world, brands would need good tools (software, great content and a responsive website) and resources (qualified marketers) to get big customers (sharks).


Apart from having the crucial resources and tools, you would need to strategise your target by understanding where the hotspots are. 


For example, if you want salmon and are fishing in a goldfish pond, you will not get the exact type of fish you wished for. 


Similarly, you will not attract the proper potential customers if you decided to promote your fashion products in the wrong channels like LinkedIn.


Using the Right Type of Bait (Marketing Message)


The analogy here is that bait is your marketing message – if you use the wrong bait, you will attract the wrong kind of fish.


If you don’t yet know who your persona is and use the wrong key message (which affects SEO terms and content), then you will end up attracting the wrong leads for your business.


Make Sure to Get an Experienced Fisherman


Typically, fishermen who use big nets have experience and know where the fish are in the sea. With extensive knowledge, they catch lots of fish and sell them.


The analogy here is like a website with the right marketing message. You hire a specialist marketing agency, such as Krona, to generate suitable marketing leads for a business.


However, they will return to their habitat if they fail to catch the fish due to the wrong bait. This goes the same for you  if you are going to struggle with marketing and feel like you spend a lot of time being busy without much success.


The Purpose of Lead Generation


Lead generation aims to find potential customers and develop them through the process until they are ready to buy. When a customer is prepared to buy, you pass them to sales as a highly qualified lead.


The process guides prospective customers into the sales funnel and through the sales pipeline until they are ready to make a purchase. The prospects move through each level of qualification until they reach “hot leads.”


Here are the four important stages of Lead Generation:

  1. First, Lead Awareness
  2. Lead Education
  3. Lead Sampling
  4. Lastly, Lead Conversion


Why Should You Be Generating Leads?


Generating leads is a crucial part of a successful business. A dependable lead gen process increases the credibility of your marketing process. It is an effective way to show tangible results and demonstrate a return on investment (ROI).


How To Generate Leads


Lead generation marketing uses multiple channels to get potential customers to a landing page with a form to collect contact information. Here are 4 ways on how you can do it:


How To Generate Leads

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Email Marketing


How does automating potential leads work? Let’s say a customer knows your banner on the website offering a free skincare package. When they click the banner on the website, they arrive at a landing page with a simple form. Email marketing automatically adds the information to your database.


Email Marketing

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Landing Pages


Landing pages are crucial for lead generation. Each landing page template is mobile-responsive, so your landing page will look professional on any device – smartphone, computer, or tablet.


Landimg Pages

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Social Media


Social media gives marketers an unprecedented opportunity to connect with consumers. A presence on social media platforms makes it easy for customers to find you by following hashtags or searching for keywords.


Furthermore, if you want to keep in touch with the company or buy the products being sold, the customer can click on the Call to Action (CTA) that has been prepared.


Blog Content


Blog content is a proven method of guiding users to your landing page. Relevant and useful content builds authority and trust. So that it can empower visitors to self-select and decide if they want to move into the sales funnel.


You can put calls to action anywhere in the blog to connect visitors to your landing page and become information-qualified leads.


Lead generation allows consumers to develop organically as they follow your marketing path. The result is happier customers, happier sales reps, increased sales, and recognition for your marketing professionals.


If you want to get started on your lead generation campaign, let us know by filling our form.


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